Skyscraper, Follonica, February 2008
Follonica is a strange place. A small town with a lot of relatively small buildings and condos, narrow one way streets, a messy urban plan and a single unusually weird skyscraper one can clearly notice from the other end of the gulf, i.e. Piombino, my hometown. What’s most weird is that you could imagine life around it, I mean shops, people, traffic; well, the truth is that the raw parking lot is almost empty, no shops around, no people, nothing. I decide for an extreme architectural perspective, it’s – obviously – starting to rain and though I have a tiltable display pointing the lens upwards ain’t the best thing to do. No worries, after all it’s only cold and windy too, there isn’t light but an iso 200 equiv might work. I need 1/8 s, hold it firmly, man, or you’re gonna miss it. Click. Click. Click. Three shots, my lens is covered with tiny raindrops. One will be ok: the one above. Oh, and I was almost sure to find a fine on my car’s windshield, which I luckily didn’t.

Copyright 2008 by Alessandro “RonJe” Melillo

Camera: Nikon 5700
Film: digital 200 ISO equiv
Focal Length: 35mm (in 35mm equiv)
Aperture: f/2.8
Exp. time: 1/8
Filter: none

Location: Follonica
Soundtrack: —
Other: —

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