Tools of the trade

toolsIf you’re wondering about the tools I use, well, here they are.
Top row:
Noodler’s Lexington Gray bulletproof ink
Pelikan 4001 brilliant black ink
Lamy Safari with EF nib
Pilot Penmanship fountain pen with EF nib (and a japanese EF nib is finer than any western EF nib)
Renesans 1097R synthetic brush #10
Stamperia KR29 synthetic brush #8
Flat brush for stencil and washes #25
Kuretake fudepen (waterbrush)
Winsor&Newton Cotman set with some mods. The color set is, left to right and top to bottom: burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, burnt umber, neutral gray in full pan (Schminke), alizarin crimson, indian red, pale cadmium red, viridian, intense blue, ultramarine. I’d like to eliminate burnt umber and indian red (though I like the name!) to introduce indigo and somehing else, dunno, and maybe get rid of that pale cadmium red and buy a more intense red.
Lower row:
Pilot white gel pen
White Uni Posca marker
Stabilo Schwan 309 HB pencil
Palomino California Republic incense cedar HB pencil
Copic marker #100 (i.e. black)
Pigma Micron fineliners 01, 02 and 03
Platinum brush pen
Paper cloth
Homemade stamp carved into an eraser
Vynyl eraser

That’s all, and it’s way too much, I believe. I actually end up using just a pen and watercolors with my fudepen. That should be enough for anyone.