Tool of the Trade

This is the new tool of the trade. Pentax MX. Expect soon some pictures, shooting with it is way too cool. It took more than ten days to come from UK, but I got it at half the price I could buy it in Lido di Camaiore, so why worry? I shot an entire roll of expired Kodak Elitechrome film with it in a couple of days, fun to use, fun to carry around. A *great* camera, believe me, and if you like to learn it’s a very good tool to get: cheap and perfect. I read it’s the smallest totally manual SLR camera ever; it’s light, indeed, what could be more desirable? a Leica? Would you really feel at ease with a four thousands euros (camera + lens) hanging on your neck? I wouldn’t.

Copyright 2008 by Alessandro “RonJe” Melillo

Camera: NIkon Coolpix 5700
Film: digital 100 ISO equiv
Focal Length: 30mm (in 35mm equiv)
Aperture: f/4
Exp. time: 1/4
Filter: none

Location: Piombino (Steel Town) – living room
Soundtrack: random blues

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