Street photography in Japan – part one

Una selezione degli scatti streettaroli fatti in Giappone.

A selection of street shots from Japan.

Shot on FujiFilm Neopan 400@800, on Pentax MX, processed in Rodinal 1+50 12’30” and gently fucked by InVision CTX 5500DS baggage scanner and explosive detection device, which left some fancy wavy strips on my negatives.

Crossing at Ginza, Tōkyō
Maison Hérmes, by Renzo Piano, Ginza, Tōkyō
Tuna heads, Tsukiji Market, Tōkyō
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art by SANAA, Kanazawa
Kyōto girls, Nishiki ichiba (market), Teramachi, Kyōto
LOL in Kyōto
You can’t imagine how many people sleep on the tube. The weird is how they suddenly get up at their stop.
They just LOVE to be photographed. Hard to shoot candids, if they realize they smile or pose or do the V sign. Well, apart from their boyfriends, who probably hated me (the “L” sign is for “Loser” and is an insult)
They smiled at me, instead, very pleased to be captured. Lovely girls.
Udon. They’re thick wheat noodles, yummy food. She was Osaka’s noodle machine!
Tuna cutting. Just like a butcher, but stylish

Taxi drivers love comics (and drive on the wrong lane)

6 thoughts on “Street photography in Japan – part one

  1. belle foto,come al solito sei un fenomeno dello scatto.Quando faccio il rotolino in b/n ti chiamo e mi fai vedere i passi dello sviluppo… i bimbi cosi non cascano e si incolla la maniglia della porta…..sempre grande

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