merenda (afternoon snack)

That is. You buy this cheesy camera, you get a roll of expired film and it’s way too obvious that you gotta shoot whatever you might find, as you’re anxiuos to see how this metal box performs.
Geez, it does perform well! The glass is clear and sharp, the barrel easy to handle, the whole camera is a feather in your hands.
This folk was eating a snack (pizza, nice snack indeed) and I was focusing a bit aside, as in the mess you can’t be noticed too much. The distance was approximately less than 10 ft. and yo him pizza was evidently much more important than me. That’s the shot. Nice focus, good bokeh, and the film after all wasn’t too flat.
The negative has been re-shot with my 5700 and then inverted digitally. I’m curious at what results might I get if I digitized it with a decent scanner…
In the meantime, enjoy this street shot, and try it yourselves, street is pure fun!

Copyright 2008 by Alessandro “RonJe” Melillo

Camera: Pentax MX – SMC M 50mm
Film: two-years-expired Kodak Elitechrome
Focal Length: 50mm
Aperture: f/4
Exp. time: 1/125
Filter: none

Location: Viareggio
Soundtrack: “Siam tutti coltellacci” – carnival song
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Tool of the Trade

This is the new tool of the trade. Pentax MX. Expect soon some pictures, shooting with it is way too cool. It took more than ten days to come from UK, but I got it at half the price I could buy it in Lido di Camaiore, so why worry? I shot an entire roll of expired Kodak Elitechrome film with it in a couple of days, fun to use, fun to carry around. A *great* camera, believe me, and if you like to learn it’s a very good tool to get: cheap and perfect. I read it’s the smallest totally manual SLR camera ever; it’s light, indeed, what could be more desirable? a Leica? Would you really feel at ease with a four thousands euros (camera + lens) hanging on your neck? I wouldn’t.

Copyright 2008 by Alessandro “RonJe” Melillo

Camera: NIkon Coolpix 5700
Film: digital 100 ISO equiv
Focal Length: 30mm (in 35mm equiv)
Aperture: f/4
Exp. time: 1/4
Filter: none

Location: Piombino (Steel Town) – living room
Soundtrack: random blues