Cava delle Cervaiole

La Cava delle Cervaiole in una splendida giornata di Dicembre.
Scattate interamente su pellicola per dia Fuji Velvia 100 con la Pentax MX e obiettivo 50mm SMC f/1.7.
La Fuji Velvia surclassa qualsiasi altra cosa, eccetto il medio formato e superiori, ovviamente.
La risoluzione stimata, paragonandola al digitale, e’ quella di una 22 – 25 megapixel ma priva di qualsiasi grana.
Non c’e’ digitale che tenga, QUESTO e’ IL mezzo!
The Cervaiole quarry in a wonderful December day.
Entirely shot on Fuji Velvia 100 slide film with a Pentax MX and 50mm SMC f/1.7 lens.
Fuji Velvia simply outperforms everyting, apart medium format or bigger, obviously.
Estimate resolution, compared to digital, is between 22 and 25 megapixels but without any grain.
There’s no digital, THIS is THE medium!


Cava delle Tagliate, ditta Henraux, Alpi Apuane.
‘Twas a nice stop. We were heading towards a two days hike and camp in Puntato, above Alpi Apuane, where every year in September many people meet to spend a weekend camping happily between the mountains.
The Tagliate quarry is on the way and represents a highly scenic location where a huge white marble block is cut vertically making a twenty foot tall and very narrow portal. then, the quarry is filled with angled stones sunk in the water, the most still water ever seen.
Geometry rules here, light is very low but – you guessed it – enough to shoot nice pictures at least until the hour is too late. You have a difficult task in composing a frame, and that’s the hardest task among many: light, as said, stability, reaching a spot, focusing, catching reflections and transparency at the same time.
This shot seems, partly, the result of a double exposure though it isn’t. Single shot, single frame.
Gotta go back there, by Vespa, better (did you take a look at my Vespa weblog?), and bring my medium format camera and a tripod.

Copyright 2008 by Alessandro “RonJe” Melillo

Camera: Nikon 5700
Film: digital 100 ISO equiv
Focal Length: 35mm (in 35mm equiv)
Aperture: f/2.8
Exp. time: 1/250
Filter: CPL

Location: Alpi Apuane – Cava delle Tagliate
Soundtrack: silence. everything is still there. occasional bikes passing by.
Other: I had to be there to shoot, not shoot because I found myself there…