Red bug on green geometry

Red bug on green geometry. Botanical gardens are interesting enough even when the season is not so fully in to show you everything you’d like to see! I visited this garden on the last Arkansas Chuggabug’s trip to Parco dell’Orecchiella; There was this small and well kept garden but early May is too early to see anything too interesting in a botanical garden upon the Appennini, even though you are able to recognize blooms and also naked branches. Elena was walking befor me and noticed this little red dot upon the leaves; you are usually frightened by a tiny red dot, well, if you are a spy, or a sniper I mean. This time everything was safe: just a little tricky bug showing us its microscopic tongue… I shot just three pics, and I figured this could be the best, meaning in focus, nice lighting, nice geometry in the bokeh.
I wonder how much time will this camera last, as its lens after the two repairs makes a terrible noise when retracting and if ever it breaks again I fear I won’t be able to fix it for the third time. Its swiveling lcd screen is a gods’gift, really.

Copyright 2008 by Alessandro “RonJe” Melillo

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 5700
Film: digital
Focal Length: 100mm
Aperture: 4.6
Exp. time: 1/250
Filter: CPL

Location: Parco dell’Orecchiella
Soundtrack: light breeze

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